How To Get More Network Marketing Leads With The Empower Network

How to Get More Network Marketing Leads – My Best Sources Of Visitors/Traffic:

One of the first questions most of my newbie students ask me is,

‘So how do I get people to visit my website?’

Some make the fatal mistake of thinking,

‘Build it and they will come!’

I wish all you had to do was throw up a website and see a flood of visitors automatically come to your site who will buy your stuff.

But this sadly is not the case!

You actually have to do a little bit of work…

But keeping to my promise in giving you the fastest route to big ticket commissions, you are about to find out about some mega hungry sources of traffic.

1. Solo Ads

Solo ads is a source of visitors ready to buy your stuff even in this bad economy and all it takes is a simple email to set up!

This is made possible by the awesome phenomenon known as SOLO ADS!

The most common sources of traffic are usually from the search engines in form of PPC (pay per click) text and banner ads.

The problem is that the fastest and best place for this is Google, but they have become very strict on affiliate marketers.

In fact Google pretty much think they are satan’s spawn right now!

Which is really unfair because affiliate marketing done correctly can literally save peoples lives, especially with life enhancing information products like the products I am going to share with you.

Affiliate marketing is also what made Google the largest company in the world in the first place.

You would think they would be more respectful!

Unless you have a product to sell you will find it very hard to get your squeeze page approved by Google and even Yahoo and Bing now, especially if you try to use clever tactics to increase your lead conversions.

In fact Google banned 100,000′s of affiliate marketers accounts in 2010 meaning they all lost their businesses overnight!

Our lives got made much more difficult due to all those scammers putting up fake weight loss blogs and making outrageous claims. If you are into that sort of thing, then this report is not for you!

Many people have also started to use the mighty Facebook as a place to advertise and this is a great place as they don’t seem to mind affiliate marketers, yet!

The problem is that the competitive markets like weight loss, home business and internet marketing are very saturated and can be expensive if you don’t know what you are doing.

Getting traffic is far easier, cheaper and in many cases more profitable when using SOLO ADS!

So What Exactly Is A Solo Ad?

A solo ad is simply a well written email that is all about your product or service, that pre-sells the reader to click on the link in the solo ad to go and visit your offer.

There are now 100′s of list owners who are masters of list building and sell email blasts to their lists promoting other peoples products.

Usually these solo ad providers run popular newsletters online also known as Ezines. You can find these in pretty much every profitable niche market.

This means they have already done the hard work of getting people educated in a market. So the people on their list are often warmed up and ready to actually buy stuff that will help them go to the next level.

This means solo ad traffic is some of the most targeted traffic you will find online.

These solo ad vendors are ready to blast out an email to their lists that is solely to promote your offer for a small upfront fee.

All you have to do is:

1. Find a reputable solo ad provider. Warning: some are complete scammers, so make sure you find one who has a long track record and good reviews.

2. Send them an email saying you would like them to promote your offer.

3. Negotiate a rate with them for the number emails you wish them to send to. In this case how many people come to visit your site depends on how well written your solo ad is, and how responsive the solo ad vendor’s list is. In the home based business/internet marketing market you can find solo ad providers who will guarantee you clicks, which is amazing because you will know exactly how many visitors you are paying for in advance. This makes working out your potential profitability a whole lot easier!

4. Once you have set up your solo ad, wait for the blast and watch your subscribers roll in!

If you get good conversions and make a profit on sales, then all you have to do is repeat the process over and over again. There are 100′s of high quality solo ad providers so you can never really burn this traffic source out.

5. Here is a great source of solo ad providers called the Directory of Ezines, run by Charlie Page for over 10 years. So you can safely say this guy knows his stuff!

6. Not only does he have the best source of verified solo ad providers in pretty much any profitable niche you can think of, but he also provides incredible free training in the course he gives away for free here:

Now for some fun maths:

I was never the best at maths at school, in fact I sucked at it!

But maths is actually a lot of fun when the numbers look like this! I pretty guarantee you, just like me, will be pulling out your calculator next time your sat on the toilet seat!

For this to work I am going to assume a few things in advance.

Lets say you do exactly what I say and pick the home based business market.

Lets say you find solo ad providers who guarantee you hot targeted clicks

With the solo ad providers I use, on average 1000 clicks will cost you $300

This works out at around $0.30 per click. Which is dirt cheap when you consider this is super targeted when a PPC ad on Google will cost you about $2 a click in this market.

Lets say 30% subscribe to get your free gift. This a very average result if you set up the squeeze pages in the way I have shown you above.

This means you got 300 leads for $300

Now this is where the fun starts.

Lets say that you are marketing a product that gives you a $1000 commission.

Now this is extremely conservative, but lets say just 0.5% of the people who subscribe to your list actually buy this product.

That works out to be 1.5 sales from 300 leads.

Which = $1500 in commissions in profit on crazy low conversion figures.

Say you promote another product on your email sequence that is a membership site that pays you $20 commissions per month and 2% of your leads purchase this.

That is 6 sales giving you $120 every single month. Again very low conservative figures.

Lets say 1% of those leads buy an entry level product that gives you $227 commissions.

That is 3 sales = $227 x 3 (bear with me as I work this out) = $681

Now lets say you have one more product that is much cheaper and only gives you a $27 commission.

As it is cheaper your conversion rate may be 5% instead. Which is 15 sales.

So $27 x 15 = $405

Ok, so lets add all this lovely money up!

$1500 + $681 + $405 = $2585

Lets not forget the monthly commissions to which is another $120 a month, every month till they quit.

Right, so have a think about this. You INVEST $300 and get back $2585!! holy moly!

Imagine how much you would make if you invested $600 or $1200 a month.

On these stats, $1200 a month invested into quality solo ads would bring in $10,340! Wooohooo!

Pretty crazy numbers right, but actually a very conservative look at the truth. These types of income streams is what I have been setting up for my students every single month!

2. The Mighty Youtube

Did you know that youtube is the number 2 most used search engine?

I built my niche business solely off the awesome FREE traffic that you get from Youtube.

Check out this testimonial here:

Pretty cool right? Guess what, Alisa used my Youtube training to build her first internet marketing business solely off free traffic from the might youtube.

The only issue with free youtube traffic is that it requires a bit of work and can be quite slow to get leads from.

Free traffic is not really free, you still have to trade your time in for money.

So I have been testing like crazy and finally came up with a solution that actually works like gang busters, getting me consistent high quality leads that can provide big ticket sales for much less effort.

I think I have finally cracked the youtube traffic code.

Now its your turn!

But you are probably wondering by now, where on earth do I find products that pay out such high commissions and surely setting up the website and email sequence requires a lot of skill?

Relax. What I am about to let you into is probably the most “done 4 you” systems available online today, and also only made possible from the recent advances in internet technology.

I actually have two systems that I have tested thoroughly with my students that are as close to plug and play as you can get.

I have plumbers, door to door sales reps, even ex garbage bin men making money with these things without any expert knowledge or technical skills.

So if they can do it why can’t you?

What To Do Next If You Want $1000 Commissions & More Network Marketing Leads & Sales For Your Business.

If you are looking for more network marketing leads for your business, or any business that you may have, then you may be interested in partnering with me.

I have put together an amazing training system for those who join my team by either joining the Empowernetwork or the SFM where I am one of the head coaches.

Most of my students join both at some point as they both offer $1000 commissions and cutting edge training that can be applied to any business you may wish to start online or offline. Not to mention the awesome community of internet entrepreneurs too!

Get involved!

Step 1:

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Step 2:

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Step 3:

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Your bonuses if you choose to partner with me:

Take a look at the sales page, testimonials and review. I currently sell this for $997. You get it FREE when you decide to partner with me!

You actually do not need to have a mentor or even resell SFM or the Empowernetwork to gain benefits from it, as the training inside both systems are so good, it can be applied to any business, on or offline that you choose to go into in the fields of selling or marketing.


Nij x

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*Affiliate Disclosure:
As an affiliate of both these systems, I will earn a commission on sales referred, but you can be rest assured I only promote systems and tools that I personally use and can safely say are of the highest quality.

*The testimonials and earning proof in this video are by no means typical. Results vary from person to person depending on how hard you actually work by exactly following the trainings provided. I can not guarantee you will make the same money, or any money at all. That is entirely up to you and the universe to decide.

Empowernetwork Income Proof


Empowernetwork Income Proof – My Income Diary Day 3

I just started promoting the Empowernetwork network marketing system,  following the incredible training inside their members area.

I took up the $250 special offer from the usual $1000 $15K product and went in at the $25 basic level.

This is proof of my first day income after starting the marketing process laid out in the empowernetwork training.

Empowernetwork Income Proof After 2 Days Of Marketing

I now have 3 people in my team and I have had another person sign up as I am writing this, so not showing in this pic yet obviously, but giving me a grand total of $750 – minus some merchant fees.

I have actually passed up two people (so total of 5 sales) to my upline sponsor too, netting him an extra $550 (2 basics and 2 $15K) for doing nothing, except for giving me some awesome tips for getting started fast, which I shall pass on to my own team for sure – especially as they will start selling and will as a result start to send me some of that nice uplink cash in the process!

Next step I am going to create some mini tutorials to help my new new empowernetwork team fast track their own success by duplicating my model, that seems to be working, pretty pretty good!

I now know this thing converts like crazy, so I am going to purchase the inner circle product of $100 per month and the costa rica intensive that is $500 which will give me the rights to 100%  commissions on all of their products.

With the severely insane compensation plan & high converting, super high value training and offers, I can now see why people are banking over $10,000 per month in a few months of doing this.

I highly recommend the Empowernetwork to anyone who is just starting out marketing online, and even more experience marketers and product owners like myself to use the Empowernetwork as a very powerful tool for making an extra residual income or even a day job killing income in a relatively short space of time.

If you want to learn how to make the Empowernetwork work for you then I think its a good idea to sign up below, watch the FREE video and join my team!

See you on the other side,


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